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Embrace the wiggles and giggles your children will experience while reading our Twiggle Books. It's not surprising that children who have read eBooks online will enjoy reading other books and will also read more books. Our Twiggle Books are designed for the emergent reader in mind and use text, images, narration, music and sound effects as interactive enhancements which are accessible and enjoyable but are not distracting from the task on hand—learning to read. 

Classroom Use:
Story Time / Reading Instructions: Many classrooms today are using interactive whiteboards. Our Twiggle Books can be projected up on the large screen, making the image big enough so that all children can see the illustrations and the text clearly, not just the first few rows. The site can be used for digital read-alouds projected to the whole class or used in small groups. It can also be used to help build reading skills for students on an individual basis. There is also a Reading Room option where you can group and assign books to a set of children. 

With our Story Twiggles Product you will get

  • One year unlimited access from anywhere in the world to the entire library of Twiggle Books (over 70 Twiggle Books - plus new Twiggle Books are added during the year)
  • A library of Twiggle Books that are animated, interactive, read by professional voice-actors, and are enriched with music and sound effects
  • Twiggle Books that are sorted into reading levels
  • Twiggle Books that are aligned to the Kindergarten Common Core State Standards.
  • A Reading Room option to create your own reading rooms for your children
  • New Twiggle Books that will be added during the year
  • Printable versions of the Twiggle Book in color or b/w
  • A coloring page, a language arts, and a writing worksheet that builds on each Twiggle Book story
  • Home, School, and Library subscription plans for private or institutional use

Target Skills 

Phonemic Awareness / Phonics
Learning and recognizing of the letters of the alphabet is an important reading-readiness skill. Children must learn to recognize and name the letters and eventually become able to hear and distinguish between the different sounds made by the letters. Being able to recognize the letters, their shapes, and initial sounds is a necessary foundation for more formal reading instruction.

Alphabet Books: Your children will be able to see, interact, and hear the sounds of each letter of the alphabet. 

Alphabet Story Books: Your children will explore and interact with each letter and its sound(s) in every book and game.

Every word in each Twiggle Book is clickable and will read aloud.

Fluency / Sight Words
Sight word acquisition is an important building block in the construction of a child’s ability to read. Once your child is able to read all of the words on Dolch’s lists for example, he or she has access to up to 75% of what is printed in almost any piece of children’s literature. When children see words used in natural ways rather than in isolation they are more likely to remember them because they develop an understanding of the word’s significance and meaning. Literature based instruction is an extremely effective method for helping children learn sight words. There are many leveled texts that are designed to highlight certain age-appropriate sight words. Our Twiggle Books highlight and reinforce high-frequency words in sentences rather than in isolation. This helps your children make meaningful associations with these words and more easily commit them to memory.

Comprehension / Family Connection
All our Twiggle Book stories can be printed in color and b/w. Children are excited about taking home the books to read to their families.

After reading, talk about the story and use our  language arts and writing worksheets to extend on the story. 

Kindergarten Common Core State Standards 
Our Twiggle Books are aligned to the Kindergarten Common Core State Standards.

Theme/Lesson Connections

Our Twiggle Books are a great addition and teaching tool for your focus theme in your classroom. Our KidsSoup Resource Library contains a variety of activities, crafts, and games that extend the story. We offer great bundle prices for existing KidsSoup and ABC Twiggles members