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About Our Twiggle Books

Our interactive online Twiggle Books are designed to be fun, engaging, and to instill confidence and the love of reading in young children. As a member of Twiggles Books, you will have access to all our Twiggles Book stories. You will be able to listen to and read the stories online, play some book-related games, and print out the booklets to use in your reading center or for children to take home. Our extension activities and printables will help to increase comprehension after reading. As a Story Twiggles member you will get instant access to over 70 Twiggle Books in different reading levels. We also are adding new Twiggle Books during the year. View our Reading Levels. 

Twiggle Books Types

Alphabet Books Learning to recognize the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet is one of the most important first steps in learning to read. Our Alphabet Books can help children learn to identify and name each letter. Each Alphabet Book features a letter of the alphabet and is illustrated with pictures that represent the target sound(s) of that letter and contains sentences that use the target letter such as "Apple begins with the letter A." 
Letters of the Alphabet Stories Each alphabet story focuses on one target letter and the sound(s) that letter makes. Children can explore and interact with the letter through reading the book and through playing games. 
Storybooks Our storybooks are fun and engaging stories about various subjects such as how animals prepare for winter, the stages of a butterfly, and how to make a pizza.
EarTwiggles Books These engaging stories have appealing plots and feature our loveable characters—the EarTwiggles. Get to know the EarTwiggles.

We are in process of adding an option to our Twiggle Books so that they can be also viewed and accessed on mobile devices such as the iPad or tablets. Coming later this year. 

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Twiggle Book Features

Each of our interactive online Twiggle Books offers an option to Listen to the story or to Read the story (exception: Alphabet books). Some Twiggle Books contain a Quiz for an online game that relates to the story. Read by professional voice-actors, Twiggle Book stories are animated, interactive, and enriched with music and sound effects. To view our Twiggle Books, you will need to have the Flash Reader installed. If you can't view our Twiggle Books, click here to download the Free Flash Reader.

Tips on How to Read our Twiggle Books with Your Children

Listen to the Story
This mode helps teachers and parents to expose their children to fluent reading and to build oral and listening comprehension skills. 

In Listen to the Story, the text is highlighted as the story is read aloud, which is a helpful tool to help children track the text. The story moves from page to page automatically but can be paused at any time. A replay button is also available.

View Sample Story 

Read the Story
This mode makes it possible for a child to read a book at their own pace without narration. If a child gets stuck on a word, they can click on that word and hear it spoken by the narrator. 

In Read the Story, children can read by themselves. The text gets highlighted as children follow along with their cursor and roll over each word. To listen to an individual word, children can click the word to hear it. The speaker icon button lets them hear the sentence read aloud while the text highlights. The BACK and NEXT buttons are used to navigate from page to page.

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Quiz / Game

The Quiz/Game is an entertaining game that builds on the story of the Twiggle Book. The Instructions button will repeat the question.

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Story Twiggles Benefits

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